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Agreement and release of liability By hitting send on this agreement, you certify that you are the parents or other legal guardians of the individual whom you are registering for the FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, and that there are no other parents or legal guardians for this child. Agreement to follow rules and regulations. You agree at all times to abide by all of the program rules established by FCTS for its Basketball Camp, and to ensure that your child complies with those rules. You understand and acknowledge that if you or your child fails to abide by such rules at any time your child may be removed from the program. Release and waiver of liability. In consideration for FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE permitting your child to participate in its Basketball Camp, we hereby agree as follows: I agree that FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, its officers, employees, and agents, shall not be liable for any injury to the person or property of your child arising out of or related to your child’s presence on FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE's premises, his or her participation in any aspect of the FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, or occurring while your child is under the care, supervision or responsibility of any FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE officer, employee or agent. I hereby agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against any claims, demands, actions, losses, or cause of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any injury to person or damage to property of your child while your child is on FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE’s premises, participating in any aspect of the FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, and/or under the care, supervision, and/or responsibility of any FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE officer, employee or agent, whether such claim, demand, action, loss, or cause of action results from an act or omission, including the negligent acts or omissions, of FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, its officers, employees or agents, or from some other cause, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable. Consent to medical treatment. In the event that FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE, in its sole discretion, determines that there is or may be a medical emergency requiring immediate medical treatment for my child, I hereby authorize any officer, employee or agent of FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE to secure and consent to the transportation and/or treatment of your child by any licensed ambulance, physician, hospital, or other medical personnel, and I agree that we shall be financially responsible for payment of any and all such medical transportation and/or treatment. Important notice – Immunization law. By Texas state law, All entering students at an institution of higher education* are required to show proof of an initial meningococcal vaccination or a booster dose during the five-year period prior to enrolling. This information may be obtained from school records or a family physician. Safe playing environment. “FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE pledges to provide an opportunity for youth to learn the fundamentals of his/her sport and to develop individually and as a member of the team. We will do our best to provide a safe playing environment and will set an example for fair play and sportsmanship. Consent to photograph. I give FULL COURT TRAINING & SCRIMMAGE permission to photograph (still photograph, audio recording, motion picture footage) my minor camper and use such photographs in all media forms, for any and all promotional purposes including advertising, publicity, display, audiovisual, exhibition, commercial or editorial use.

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